Special RF Microneedle of GENTLO

Adjustable needle depth from 0.5mm to 3.5mm and affording non-insulated or insulated needle effect


99% of the material is made up of plasma in universe. Plasma may be the most abundant form of ordinary matter,
although this hypothesis is currently tentative based on the existence and unknown properties. Plasma is one of the four fundamental states of matter unlike the other form of solid, liquid and gas.

Selective sebaceous glands destruction

RF Needle selectively destroys sebaceous glands. No damaging the epidemia, treatment acne fundamentally, preventing recurrence.

Bulk heating before and after treatment

With the small RF ceramic, transmission of RF energy to the skin that difficult to target treat by needle. Use for before and after acne treatment and general skin rejuvenation, also for women’s vulvar treatment possible

Special Vaginal Treatment

With a convenient radiofrequency treatment for specially women. Non-invasive, non-ablative, non-surgical, and no anesthesia required. Specially ergonomic-designed curved hand-piece treatment for vaginal rejuvenation & tightening, colpoxerosis