CRIOCUUM is a medical aesthetic device that is safe and easy to use. The technology and design of this equipment optimises the work at the salon as it enables the beautician to work simultaneously with two handpieces, improving the profitability and results in each session.

CRIOCUUM automatically adjusts the suction based on the measurements of the skinfold calliper on the adipose panicle and this suction can be adjusted independently with up to 10 different levels.

The equipment functions within an adjustable temperature range of 5 to -10ºC depending on the treatment zone and the fold measurements of the adipose panicle.

The intuitive software lets you select the exact function settings, to maximise the success and safety of the treatment.

The CRIOCUUM touch screen lets the user adjust the time, temperature and suction level, displaying the selected settings throughout the entire treatment.

As well as offering preset treatment programmes, CRIOCUUM offers the option of establishing your own programme settings.

Cryoplioreduction consists of applying cold to fatty tissue, in a controlled way and for a specific amount of time. Several clinical studies have shown that subjecting a specific part of the body with accumulated fat to intense cold produces the inflammation of the subcutaneous fatty tissue and increases the basal metabolism, thereby managing to destroy the adipocytes or fat cells.The cell apoptosis occurs as a result of the CRYSTALLISATION of the lipids of the fat cells. Within a specific temperature range (between 0ºC and 10ºC) the fat solidifies and crystallises, while the other tissues that contain water do not crystallise and, therefore, are not damaged.The cell apoptosis gets rid of functional abnormal cells and surplus normal cells, which is essential for the body’s correct functioning. In this case the elimination takes place naturally.This technique is the only one that destroys the adipocyte without surgery, using apoptosis, therefore the volume eliminated from the treated area is not regained.